The Goal

Cornerstone Homeschoolers is a Christian organization.  This will be evident as we work to reach the following goals:

1. To provide opportunities for our children to socialize with other homeschooled children their age.

2.  To provide activities in a group setting such as physical education, music activities, field trips, supplemental classes, and sports.

3.  To provide support, encouragement, and prayer for the parents of homeschooled students by providing information, mentoring, and socializing opportunities.

The How

It is the intent of our group is to provide, as much as possible, the above activities and learning experiences for our children by using parents who are committed to sharing their gifts and talents to the benefit of the group.  Since we are a cooperative, parents are expected to teach at least one class a year.  Exceptions are made for moms in their first year with our group and moms with babies under one year old.

The Details

Cornerstone – Lower Tier is a group of about 75 families and 150 or so students up to grade 9.  Our group meets at Grace Baptist Church Lancaster, which is on Marietta Avenue, just west of Lancaster city.  We meet on Thursdays afternoons for 3 one-hour classes. We meet for a total of 8 weeks in the fall (Sept.- Nov.) and 8 weeks in the winter/spring (Jan.- Mar.) 

Classes for students up to 6th grade are divided by age group.   In each age group (K-1, 2nd-3rd, 4th-6th) there is a choir which includes music basics, and also presents a concerts each year.  There is an alternating gym/fitness class for each group as well.  The other hour of the afternoon offers a choice of several “elective” classes for each grade level.  These could be art, science, geography, writing, drama, book discussion classes, etc. Students in 7th-9th grade have three elective classes.  We also have nursery and preschool classes, field trips, achievement testing, and track and field day.