"When one teaches, two learn." - Robert Heinlein
We believe in family. We believe in the potential of our children. By coming together, we create an abundance of wisdom. 

Cornerstone Homeschoolers is a long-running Lancaster County homeschool cooperative that meets in the Hempfield, Central Lancaster area. Parent-led coursework, as well as  gym, fitness, music and arts programs add to a full afternoon schedule of enriching education. This website is for the “Lower Tier” of Cornerstone Homeschoolers that serves students in the Kindergarten through grade 7.

Interested in learning more about Grade 7 and up?  Visit our sister site for the Cornerstone Upper Tier classes.



About Cornerstone

Not all homeschool coops are alike.  That is certainly true for Cornerstone Homeschoolers.  Learn what makes us unique. 


We offer a variety of classes, all led by our parents!  It takes a village to raise a child, and we all pitch in to give them excellence and variety in their classes.


The Cornerstone Homeschoolers Coop has shaped all of my children, helped them grow socially, academically and spiritually... these friendships will last a lifetime!”

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